Fear the Sky by Stephen Moss

– Jacob Foxx – They don’t write many novels like this anymore. Fear the Sky is a combination of classic hard science fiction, technothriller, and spy thriller. Rich in detail and incredibly realistic, it covers just about every branch of the military as well as several advanced weapon systems in each branch. Author Stephen Moss […]

Soul Continuum by Simon West-Bulford

– By Jacob Foxx – Soul Continuum is the second book in an ambitious and thought-provoking series that challenges readers with some heavy metaphysical questions. Perhaps best classified as hard science fiction, it covers several scientific disciplines and theories including computer science, quantum physics, multiverse theory, teleportation, re-spawning, and neuroscience. At the same time, West-Bulford […]

2015 Prescient Sci Fi Movie(s) of the Year

– The Editors – This year we decided to try to come up with a consensus movie of the year. We failed. So instead we made a list of the top 3 movies of the year. It wasn’t easy. Overall, 2015 was a strong year for science fiction with great films in several subgenres. Space […]

TC 011: Battlemechs and World Building Tips

Will we ever fight with battlemechs? On this episode I take on the question of whether a walking mech is or will ever be practical on the battlefield. Also, I talk about the prospects of a robot fighting league and a little advice for those writing military science fiction. Here are some links Fighting Robot […]

The Beam by Sean Pratt and Johnny B. Truant

– By Jacob Foxx – Some have argued the science fiction novel is destined for the scrap heap. Movies, television, and graphic novels are superior mediums for portraying speculative worlds. Others say novels are in trouble because of the steadily shrinking attention spans of readers. Their only hope is for authors shorten their novels or […]